Haikyuu!! → Shoyo & Tobio

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I know it’s already late xD

Just wanna share my scans, if you want the highres you can download it at http://goo.gl/rg9ADW plisss dont repost it to other site..

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You’ve worked hard, Karasuno.

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ハイキュー!! EP. 3 Collections (5/10) | Mama and baby crow 〆
ハイキュー!! EP. 3 Collections (5/10) | Mama and baby crow 

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I ’ m  a  g h o u l .

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Now its my turn.

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some updates uvu (btw i made another twitter again but it’s not so active… just for talking about hq in japanese tho…)

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ooooh, my poor Tomo-chan :CC 

HAHAH <3333 i love it

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F R E E ! es + sceneries

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